Store Update

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update. We have had lots of generous people donating things for the thrift store but we don’t have enough places to put them. If anyone has some vertical racks or shelving to donate or even loan we would need it. I am in the process of making calls for volunteers and hope I get lots of people who respond to my plea for help. If you have already given me an application, don’t give up, I WILL call. It really is a fun job. We try to have a good time and looking through all the bags and boxes that folks bring in is like a treasure hunt. We just opened a trunk and found it full of costumes, what a wonderful surprise that was!

We would also like some help planning our Grand Opening. Jo and I are busy, busy, busy just running the store [and are NOT great party planners anyway] so some event planning help would be great. If you love planning parties and can do this for us we would love you and the ground you dance on!

As always, come to the store and see how we’re doing. Not only do we get new things put out every day but we are getting new area artists and crafters consigning their work with us. We have a photographer, 2 jewelry makers, a scarf lady and a maker of snuggly lap robes.